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Do You Need Accredited Investors, Partners, Joint-Ventures,
Licensing Deals, Product Placement, Customers, Loans, Sponsors
or Interviews About Your Product, Service, or Business Model?
How Does "Whale of an Idea" Work?
It's an online show in a very simple format that offers guests a chance to explain their startup, product, service, or business model and how they plan to scale it up, "big time." Guests are also allowed to explain what they are looking for. Think of it as a quick and precise "Pitch" for startups, products, services, and business models.

Then, when the show airs, viewers can contact our guests directly for more information. "Whale Of An Idea" receives NO equity in your company or percentage of any deals you acquire. "Whale Of An Idea" is virtually a reality show. No scripting. No actors. Real people and NO special qualifying.

Pricing: The price to air your show is $300 (for a limited time) this includes unlimited airings and when produced, we'll place it on Youtube and Vimeo promoted through our "viral network" AND YOURS to generate greater exposure as we grow. Any additional shows (multiple ideas) you create are $100 each. Your program will remain on the network for one year. At that time, you can re-up or create an updated version. PLEASE NOTE: You DO NOT pay anything until your show or concept is approved.
What Qualifies a Guest For Airing?
New and unique is best. However, you can be established with something new and unique. "Disruptive" products or services are pretty much guaranteed an airing! Boring products or services will have a tougher time to get approved. Asking for money or investment? Our rule is no touting specific dollar amounts. You can say that you're looking for funding from an accredited investor (just no specific amounts). We have found that having "engagement" with people FIRST gets better results. After all, they don't know you yet. See below the things you should be looking for. Of course, whatever you choose is entirely up to you. 
What I don't like about the show "elevator pitch," is I only have one minute. I've got to pay all those expenses just to get out there for a one-minute pitch, and, if it's not perfect, I'm toast. Problem solved! On the "whale of an idea" there's no time-limit for making presentations. Of course, we don't recommend that as people would get bored to death. We do recommend around 20-minutes or so. Any viewer can watch your "whale" episode several times (whenever they want) and are encouraged to tell others for an additional "viral" effect.
I'm kind of chicken when it comes to recording stuff. Problem solved! You're allowed to have a spokesperson do it for you. Also, you can do it as audio-only and use pictures if you like. In other words, it does not have to be super fancy.
One of the things I don't like about the "pitch type" shows is there are usually 4-5 people in effect, deciding my future and in many cases, telling their "National Audience" how bad my idea is! I mean, if they're not interested, I get it, but I don't get the "slamming" of ideas. Problem solved! With "whale of an idea," if someone doesn't like your concept, it's in the privacy of their home or office and NOT with a "National Audience." The success or charm of your idea is NOT determined by the elite few, but rather, by the potential thousands of people watching your show.
The one concern I have is once the show airs, is it pretty much over? Problem solved! We archive your show for one year and you can re-up at that time or create an updated show. Plus, you can create multiple shows if you have multiple ideas.
How does "whale of an idea" get viewed? Through our "Sponsors" and "Support Local Business Day" members. When a new show is introduced, they receive a notification.
Seeking Sponsors (optional)
Yes, we’re seeking sponsors with a good-sized email or customer database. If we select you, YOU’LL BENEFIT because it would be like having your own "Shark Tank." When we produce and add a new show, your commercial (you created) will be embedded in the show, and you'll have a banner ad on the video launch page as well.

When a show is produced, you agree to let your email or customer database know so they can view it and, of course, see YOU as the sponsor. You'll also invite all of them to share the show so that it has a greater chance of going "viral" and getting more exposure for your brand or offer.

We'll also place your logo or banner on other video launch pages, again for greater exposure.

To get started, tell us a little bit about yourself, your company, and your list.
Helping Other And Future Entrepreneurs
It's not always about the money. What a great way to "give back" and help other entrepreneurs by "sponsoring" their shows. In effect, it's like having your own "Shark Tank" or "Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch" (shows very similar to “Whale of an Idea”) without any production or vetting expenses. You, becoming a "sponsor”? Now that's a "WHALE OF AN IDEA! 
Contact Us: 408-222-6472
Boss (@) whaleofanidea.net
Leslie Robert Wolfe, Executive Producer: Whale Of An Idea™
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